Significant boost for SA cycling fraternity

The South African cycling fraternity has received a boost with leading global sport and cycling industry player ASG announcing they have attracted a significant strategic investment from South African Enterprise Development (SAED).     “This investment will see us fast-track our growth and international expansion,” ASG founder and CEO Heinrich Dannhauser said after the news broke today. […]

Artist’s impression of new ASG headquarters in Bassano, Italy to be occupied in October 2016.

detail of the legs of runners at the start of a marathon race

How to train for a Half-Marathon Part 2: Peaking

This is the second part of our half marathon special from HIGH5’s Running Experts, RunningWithUs. It covers the second phase of your training in the build up to the big day with top tips on running economically and staying healthy.   If you missed part one of our half marathon special you can find it here: Peaking, specifically […]

6 Signs You’re Not Taking Good Care of Yourself

It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year, and many of us are starting to feel the weight of hard work laying heavy on our shoulders (and minds). Add to that a strict training routine for summer’s cycling season and it’s easy for health and wellbeing to slip silently onto the backburner. […]


Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Drinks In Bar

Exercise could help cancel out the booze – study

  New research has suggested that if you’re prone to relaxing with a beer or two over the weekend, you have even more reason to make sure you don’t miss that early morning ride. According to a study published this month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising for around two-and-a-half hours a week […]

How to Train for a Half-Marathon Part 1: Building Foundations

Consistently voted the UK’s favourite race distance, a half-marathon is a great way to bridge up from a 10km to a full marathon. However, it is a distance with its own unique characteristics that will challenge your endurance while still giving you room to work on your speed and strength.   The first of this […]