Sidi Dominator: A Long Term Review

Most of us normally mostly find/read reviews on brand new releases and items, and thus there always seems to be a “newness” factor that usually excites readers. However, this time round, we found it fitting to give you a review of a different colour. What happens AFTER the “newness” has worn off… We found one […]



Pinarello unveils more affordable Gan Road Bike

There has been a lot of noise about Pinarello’s new 2016 offering. We are proud to be part of this revolutionary brand, and are excited to reveal that we are expecting our first on hand glimpse of the new Pinarello Gan this June. Keep an eye on NEXT week’s newsletter, as we will also be […]

Rudy Project Saves Lives

Posted by Riley Lantz on May 22, 2015, filed in: Rudy Project News Review Andrea Cespedes was involved in a serious accident during the HITS Tri Series in Grand Junction, Colorado this past weekend. Andrea was admitted into the ICU with extensive injuries, including lacerations, a broken wrist, a massive concussion and bleeding in the brain. “The doctor said the helmet […]



Winter Training 101

Article written by Jaco Ferreira, 20 May 2015   The days are becoming shorter and colder and with that typically the motivation gets lost as well – try and find an event or 2 during winter to help force and motivate yourself to keep on training so that you don’t have to start from scratch […]

The Next Generation of Sports Eyewear

ImpactX-2: The Next Generation of Fast Acting, Prescription Ready, Photochromic Sports Eyewear Posted by Riley Lantz on May 20, 2015, filed in: Products FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   As a leader in prescription sports eyewear, Rudy Project is proud to launch the latest advancement in RX photochromic lens technology: ImpactX-2. This new generation of the award-winning Rudy Project ImpactX lens […]