Iron Willed? Time to test your metal!

Spring has arrived and with it a new opportunity to really ramp up the intensity of your fitness challenges. Having hosted 3 hugely successful 2015 Iron man event’s, from the overwhelming popular Port Elizabeth full Iron man to the Durban debut of an Iron Man 70.3, the rainbow nation is making it’s mark on triathlon […]



Selle San Marco Celebrated The 80th Anniversary At Eurobike

SELLE SAN MARCO CELEBRATED THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY AT EUROBIKE SHOW WITH MANY AND REVOLUTIONARY NEWS   Selle San Marco, celebrated their 80th anniversary at Eurobike with the launch of a new Collezione 2016 pursuing innovation, quality of materials and with the aim of making everybody so happy with their saddle they won’t notice it. Newly […]

The Winds of Change

  Spring has sprung and it’s got everyone looking with excitement to the future. A future which has hit the shores of South Africa. On the fresh spring breeze flies the latest Rudy Project offering, the elite performance sunglass, the Tralyx. The Tralyx encapsulates 30 years of visual and sporting technology by Rudy Project experts. Combined with […]



We’ve got Chemistry.

Carbon. It’s the building blocks of everything. The 6th most abundant element in the universe and easily the most versatile. In the words of renown genius Stephen Hawkins “Carbon has the richest chemistry”. From priceless diamonds, the hardest material on earth, to versatile graphite, to you and me and every other Carbon based life-form on […]

See what just arrived, LATEST 2016 Pinarello GAN!

Below GAN RS – Carbon T900 – 244 – LA ROSSA Shimano Ultergra DI2 size 51.5 Below GAN RS – Carbon T900 – 245 – MAGLIA NERA Shimano Ultergra DI2 size 54 Below GAN S – Carbon T700 – 239 Shimano Ultergra mech size 53   Below GAN S – Carbon T700 – 241 Shimano […]

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