Happy Good Hopefuls

It’s time to turn hope into reality. When it comes to your cycling the power is in your hands to turn ambition and fantasy into reality, and it only takes a couple of clicks. The 2016 Tour of Good Hope is gearing up to be one of the most beautiful, most challenging and most rider-centered […]



Something for everyone

Not content with simply making bikes that win the Tour de France, Pinarello have something for everyone in their extensive range. We take a look at what’s coming in 2016 and offer you the chance to win a unique Italian cycling adventure….. With three Tour de France wins in the last four years and more than […]

When People Gel!!

You’re out on your bike, mile 17, about to hit the 5th consecutive incline and your calves are on fire; you’re on your morning run, watching the sun climb up into the sky, passing that 2/3rds of the way marker with your heart sinking at the thought of that final stretch with leaden feet; you’re […]


Ken and Robbie

Trust the Silver Foxes

All you aspiring IRON men and women take heed, there are some seriously experienced competitors out there, and age is clearly no obstacle. If you want to see what a real IRONMAN athlete looks like, look no further than South African silver foxes Ken Poole and Robbie Coulston. Ken has been running for 42 years, taking […]

Diabetes – not so sweet

Knowledge is power in any battle. In the war against ill-health, having the latest information on how to look after your body and mind is fundamental. Global governments and organisations recognise the power the individual has to make positive health choices, IF they have the right information. In an attempt to empower people across the world […]