Area Zero D’Amico ready for the Milano-Torino

First published on Sixs Ancona (AN), 30 September, 2014 – The young riders from Area Zero D’Amico will be among the contestants lined up for the start of the 95th Milano Torino “Trofeo Nobili Rubinetterie” scheduled for Wednesday, October 1st, on the 193.5 km route from Settimo Milanese to the basilica in Superga. This race […]



Letting your feet breathe…

As published on BikeRadar Their combination of luxurious comfort – thanks to masses of adjustability – and impeccable build quality sets them apart in the crowded shoe market.  The basis of any good road cycling shoe is the sole, and Sidi haven’t disappointed with the latest improved version of their Vent carbon design. It’s ridged, shaped […]

Stay Safe – How to spot a fake…

Posted in News, Product News, Consumers beware – unscrupulous cheats are making and circulating counterfeit products. Here’s how to ensure your FSA products are the genuine article: safe, high-performing, durable and enjoyable. Why fake bicycle products are bad Offers that look like a fantastic discount deal may be tempting, but sometimes these are too good to be […]



How to Hydrate for Better Performance

By Fred Matheny Adapted from in Road Bike Radar If it’s the summer cycling season, it’s probably hot where you live. Cyclists and other outdoor athletes are the first to notice rising temperatures. And the hotter it is, the faster you lose fluids when you ride. Fluids are crucial to your performance and sense of well-being. We’re really […]

Keep your head cool and your focus forward.

As published by BikeradarWith a total of 21 vents, including a massive central front port, the Windmax directs air through the helmet well, keeping you cool and dry. It’s available in two sizes – small/medium (54-58cm) and large (59-61cm) – and we found the fit comparable to other European helmets, such as those from Met, Kask and […]