Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles

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Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicyles is the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality mountain bikes in the world. The company is known for its small team and craftsman-style approach to bike design and manufacturing, and is the holder of multiple design and utility patents worldwide. 


The company’s internationally-patented Instant Center Tracking (ICT) is the most energy efficient suspension system in the world and a unique and essential part of every Ellsworth mountain bike. ICT suspension continues to be the benchmark for other suspension bikes, and has set the standard for efficiency, traction, control and ride quality.


We make a difference in the world by improving health and happiness while experiencing the great outdoors in a sustainable, efficient and invigorating way.


Company Values:
1. Choose the right
   - a. Be a good citizen of the planet.
   - b. Improve always.

2. Do what we say, say what we will do
   - a. Quality communication, integrity to our words
   - b. under promise and over deliver


3. Make a difference
   - a. Be a positive lasting experience in people’s lives

4. Remember who we are
   - a. Expect profitability for continued practice of state-of-the-art, benchmark products
   - b. We are a boutique handcrafted product for the aficionados
   - c. Our customers choose us because of who we are

5. Celebrate the efficiency, fun, and sustainability of cycling
   - a. Let our love for our product, our sport and our customers show always


Click here to view some stunning pics of the Ellsworth Epiphany in Blue and here for the Epiphany in Black.

For pricing and technical specs, please click here.


To find out about dealer prices for Ellsworth bikes, please send a mail to winston@asgworld.co.za. 


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