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Advanced Nutrition Guides

MULTI DAY EVENTS   If you empty your carbohydrate reserves in one day’s riding, it’s almost impossible to fully re-fuel by the next day and you will start with a part-empty tank. You must make a major effort to focus on fuelling your carbohydrate reserves during and after each day’s riding. This is critical to […]

5 reasons your body will love HIGH5

  We all have different nutritional needs and wants, but when it comes to performing, we all want the best. We know from personal experience how important it is to get your nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product you can trust. Rigorous testing by scientists in the lab, and athletes competing in […]

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Meet the ladies of the 2017 Bestmed-ASG Cycling Team

  Friday marked the official sponsorship celebrations for 2017’s Bestmed-ASG cycling squad at the Bestmed headquarters in Pretoria East. It was smiles all round as manager Owen Botha announced that Rudy Project and HIGH5 Nutrition, key brands in the ASG Sport Solutions offering, would once again be backing the team.   Team Bestmed-ASG is a […]