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Understanding Absorption Rates

We, at High5 Sports Nutrition and Tri Training Harder, understand the importance of getting your nutrition right so that you can maximise your endurance performance and stay fit and healthy before, during and after your session(s). To that end, we have spoken with numerous athletes and coaches to find out some of the most common problems/issues […]

KONA 2016, Racing the sun – By Desi Dickinson

Kona 2016It’s now almost a month since I competed at Kona and I’m still struggling to find the words for this blog. A few days before the race there was a post on facebook, I think it was by Brett Sutton saying that it should be treated as “just another race”. But I think that’s […]



2 inspirational sportswomen you should get to know

  This month we celebrate womanhood, and pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the globe.    August is about celebrating our diverse achievements and appreciating the role women have come to take up in competitive sports. There are some truly amazing female athletes out there! So we’d like to acknowledge some of […]

Improving Your Long Distance Triathlon Bike Split

There are so many factors that go into preparing for the bike leg of a long distance triathlon; the training alone could cover multiple articles. Ironman triathlete Nick Baldwin looks at some of the keys to unlocking your best bike split, as well as making sure you’re ready for the run.     The first […]

Triathlon bike split