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An action-packed 2016 IRONMAN Durban 70.3

  It’s a hot and humid day as the first rays of sunlight begin to peep over the horizon and drench the sky in shades of purple and muted vermillion. Athletes, anxious from the previous day’s warning of rough swells, gather around the swim start, and everywhere Ironfans huddle around chatting quietly in excited voices. […]

Improving Your Long Distance Triathlon Bike Split

There are so many factors that go into preparing for the bike leg of a long distance triathlon; the training alone could cover multiple articles. Ironman triathlete Nick Baldwin looks at some of the keys to unlocking your best bike split, as well as making sure you’re ready for the run.     The first […]

Triathlon bike split


Equipment Choices — When, Where, and Why?

  Having just won the IRONMAN 70.3 Pan American Pro Championship Panama this last weekend, Rudy Project Pro triathlete Sarah Haskins shares her thoughts on what equipment is best to tackle any situation.   Racing is both an art and a science. I feel the art of racing comes from within; a desire in our […]