Berry delicious

Berry bar artwork


If you’re taking part in IRONMAN this year, then we’ve got great news! HIGH5 is the official nutrition partner on the course of IRONMAN SA, so you’ll be able to refuel with the best in high-performance energy bars. Considering you’ll need to power through a 3.8km swim course, two flat, fast laps of 90km in the biking stage and eventually the last stretch along the coast to the transition area to start the run, we know you’ll need to keep your energy levels up.

With a blend of juicy wild berries, hearty oats and good-for-you coconut oil, it’s hardly surprising that we can’t keep our hands off it. Designed for sports use, EnergyBar has been used for long-distance triathlons, enduro MTB events, hill walking, multi-day endurance racing, cyclo sportives, trekking to the poles, cross-pacific rowing and swim meets. It’s also great as part of a carbo-loading diet.

Sweet and just slightly tart, it’s the perfect snack – low GI, with a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates from fruit and grains. Each bar provides one of your 5-a-day fruit/ veg portions… so you don’t have to feel bad about skipping the Brussel sprouts at dinner. It’s also the ideal grab-and-go snack; it’s moist, easy to chew, and doesn’t melt in the heat or become hard in the cold. So be sure to find us along the IRONMAN route to grab yourself a HIGH5 Wild Berry EnergyBar.

You can also check out some of our other delicious flavours here, or if you’d like to stock up before the big day, visit to find your nearest dealer.