Coloured lenses 101: how to choose the right one



Most people ensure they wear both ear and eye protection when they’re at a shooting range. But as soon as they get out on the field, these are forgotten. Especially eyewear – it’s rare to see a hunter wearing eye protection in the bush. But accidents happen more often than people realise. Hunters get hit with errant birdshot or ricochets, and even excessive powder can blow back and burn the eyes. Eyewear will also protect eyes when spent cartridges are ejected from the firearm. Even the flash of a muzzle can cause damage. And then there are other hazards like stray branches, twigs, or leaves hitting you in the face and eyes.


Rudy Project appreciates the specialised nature of hunting and shooting as a sport, and has developed a range of glasses specifically tailored to these needs. The AirBlast was conceived and designed for shooters and hunters. They were created to improve your focus on the target: they offer a comfortable, protective fit and optical superiority. AirBlast sports sunglasses feature a rimless maxi lens, providing exceptional lateral and vertical vision. To improve peripheral vision and eliminate any interference, AirBlast has a specially designed nose pad, the ErgoVI. The low profile, small size and optimized positioning make it almost invisible, ensuring that it does not hinder vision in any direction.

Our photochromatic technology is the quickest on the market, with near instant change in colour of lenses as light conditions change. Still need convincing? Check out this video demonstrating how quick the red  lenses change:


So now that we’ve established it’s important to wear eye protection, which lenses are best? Lenses come in just about every colour under the sun, and each has a different function. Here’s a quick rundown on each lens and what it’s made for:


* In brackets next to each lens you’ll find the light transmission percentage. The higher the percentage, the more light the lens lets in. High transmission lenses are suited to darker, low-light conditions. The lower the percentage, the less light is let in. Lower transmission lenses are used in brighter light conditions, like extremely sunny days, reflections off water or snow, where the glare is harsh and extreme.



Lens colour: Red

Includes: ImpactX Photochromic 2 Red (76%-17%), ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Red (75%-16%), RP Optics Racing Red (32.9%), RP Optics Multilaser Red (12.8%)

Effect: • Increases contrast • Enhances visual depth • Good in most weather conditions











Lens colour: Blue/purple

Includes: RP Optics Laser Blue (13.9%), RP Optics Multilaser Blue (19.2%), RP Optics Multilaser Violet (12.1%), RP Optics Multilaser Purple (22%), RP Optics Multilaser Ice (10.6%)

Effect: • Reduces glare • Enhances colour perception • Helps define contours • Ideal for bright conditions








Lens colour: Black/grey

Includes: ImpactX Photochromic 2 Black (74%-9%), ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Black (62%-13%), ImpactX Photochromic Golf (38%-14%), ImpactX Photochromic Polarised Grey (30%-12%), RP Optics Laser Black (9.7%), RP Optics Smoke Black (20.8%), RP Optics Smoke Black DEG (14.2%), RP Optics Polar 3FX Grey (10.8%), RP Optics Polar 3FX Hydrotek (12.4%), RP Optics Hi-Altitude (5.5%)

Effect: • Good for general purpose use, best light reduction • Reduces glare • Minimises eye strain and fatigue







Lens colour: Transparent

Includes: RP Optics Transparent (85.7%), RP Optics Photoclear (75%-26%)

Effect: • Ideally suited for indoors or nighttime activity, intermittent light and rain • Reduces glare










Lens colour: Yellow/Orange

Includes: RP Optics Yellow (76.7%), RP Optics Multilaser Orange (21.9%)

Effect: • Provides greater clarity in fog, overcast weather, haze and other low-light conditions • Helps filter out blue light to enhance focus • Enhances contrast









Lens colour: Brown

Includes: ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Brown (73%-17%), ImpactX Photochromic Polarised Brown (25%-10%), RP Optics Action Brown (10.7%), RP Optics Brown Mat DEG (24.9%), RP Optics Laser Brown (16.4%), RP Optics Laser Gold (11.4%), RP Optics Brown (11.5%), RP Optics Hi-Contrast (18.4%), RP Optics Multilaser Gold (13.8%)

Effect: • Improves contrast • Contains a red element to improve depth perception • Suited to medium to bright light conditions







Lens colour: Green

Includes: RP Optics Golf 100 (24%), RP Optics Multilaser Green (16%),  RP Optics Multilaser Lime (11.3%)

Effect: • Good for general purpose use, enhances vibrancy • Transmits all colours evenly • Dims glare while brightening shadows, good contrast for low-light conditions







All of our lenses can be fitted with your prescription by ASG Sport Solutions. If you require any prescription services, please feel free to contact our RX Technical Adviser, Tanya, at or call 012 751 4130.