ImpactX2 technology – unbreakable and photochromic lenses



ImpactX2 lenses are developed exclusively for Rudy Project and represent the state of the art of photochromic lenses technology. They are perfect for the sport use ensuring perfect light management and extreme security for athletes and sports enthusiasts due to their unbreakable nature. Thanks to a complex manufacturing process, the ImpactX lenses have molecular semi-rigid properties that ensure the physical protection against impacts, chemical and atmospheric agents all while minimizing injuries during impacts or falls.




The ImpactX2 lenses provide unique climatic management technology: getting dark from low to high transmission within few seconds and reaching a custom color from an initial clear state. Rudy Project developed three different colors of ImpactX2 lenses targeted to the different uses. ImpactX2 Black and Multilaser Black are perfect when you perform with bright light conditions as during a spring or summer cycling ride.




The ImpactX2 Red and Laser Red lenses are perfectly suited to mountain bike and outdoor sports. Historically, this is our athletes favorite lens because it enhances contrast and, at the same time, the activation is very fast immediately adapting your vision to sudden light changes. The laser coating offers enhanced protection from glare with bright conditions.




The ImpactX2 Laser Brown lenses are perfect for outdoor sports especially when light turns rapidly from the brightness to the shadows in mountain forests. This lens adapts its colour to the different light conditions and carries out a tuning of colur saturation to ensure that vision always feels natural. In addition, the the HDR technology enhances color perception and increases contrast.




ImpactX2 lenses enhance contrast, even in darker conditions, and improve visual activity and depth perception thanks to the High dynamic range technology. This filter modulates the wavelength of the light passing through the lens maximizing the chromatic range and sharpening your vision. They also incorporate the multilaser filter to reduce lens glare with bright conditions.