Made for each other

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Innovation, research, technology and safety are concepts at the very heart of Rudy Project, but style, though often overlooked, is another key component of the brand. Milan is, after all, one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals, influencing styles and trends across the world. And it’s no different when it comes to sportswear. Dynamic and attractive lines make the collections unique, stylish and avant-garde, a clear result of constant innovation and Italian manufacturing. Our R&D team draws inspiration from Rudy champions and ambassadors to design revolutionary eyewear and helmets to enrich our collections year by year and to meet athletes and sports enthusiasts’ different demands.


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This month, we challenge you to find your perfect match – and guarantee that you will. There is an intense relationship between the Rudy Project collections and their colour combinations, shapes, volumes, materials and perception across the senses, something which has  deeply inspired the creative team. Rudy Project’s constant research into colour is evident in its winning choices and combinations, the reward for a decade’s worth of experience and an unrivalled spirit of innovation.


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Helmet and sunglasses compatibility is another element of Rudy Project’s design to aid in finding your perfect match. The Garage System is a case for sunglasses incorporated within the helmet itself. This system consists of two dividers placed in the back of the helmet with a double function: to keep the sunglasses in place and prevent contact between the temples and the head. Which means Rudy Project helmets are literally made to be paired with their matching eyewear.


Here’s a small selection of colour matching products. Have fun creating other matching combinations while discovering our full collection.


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