More than meets the eye



Rudy Project’s Tralyx model with optical in-set paves the way for a new vision programme dedicated to the Technical Performance family with shield lenses. This new platform allows for the integration of ophthalmic lenses within the mask of the Tralyx models, thus offering a perfect solution for athletes who require vision correction, but do not want to forego the exclusive wind-sculpted design of these sunglasses and the quality of the ImpactX and RP Optics sunglass lenses.


The optical in-set solution will be available with ImpactX 2 Black and 2 Laser Black colours and RP Optics Smoke Black colour. It allows for the use of a wide range of corrections (up to +3) together with the best available optical technologies, which have rendered Rudy Project famous worldwide.


The wraparound shape of the Tralyx ensures maximum eye protection against the wind and other external agents, and blends in perfectly with the ophthalmic lenses so that the change of material is imperceptible to the eye.


Furthermore, the position of the ophthalmic lenses allows for the tilt to be managed in the best possible manner, thus offering the ideal base for perfect vision, with no distortions or alterations. With the optical-in set feature, the Tralyx model has overcome yet another barrier, thus further expanding and diversifying Rudy Project’s range of technical eyewear for athletes who require vision correction.