Robertson’s race plan by the kilometre

Team Bestmed-ASG rider Riana Robertson has loads of experience under her belt. Here she shares her strategies for the Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Road Classic:

The most important thing for the first 10km is to stay safe. This is the first big race of season in Gauteng, so riders are usually a bit nervous in the bunch.

It’s often a bit cold at the start of the race and the sun rises directly in your eyes, so I try to be extra careful.

The bunch will definitely try to attack at the first real hill around 10km. The climb is about 3km and rises 3% on average.

You need to stay with the other riders, because it’s hard to catch up on the 10km-downhill on the R510. I once rode that section alone at an average of 40km/h, while the top guys were doing it at 45km/h.

Kilometres 35 to 50 are rolling hills leading up to the biggest climb at 60km. This is where they have the KOM (King of the Mountain), but with a 5% incline it isn’t too hard.

Don’t be tempted to work from 60km to 81km. There might be only about 20km left, but the last stretch can be tough.

The race gets pretty fast until the 100km mark and everyone thinks they are going to win, including me. But the last 5km are a gradual uphill and all the heroes blow up.

In the end it is usually the smart sprinters who come from the back of the bunch and win.


Riana - Pinarello bike


My weapons of choice for the Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Road Classic are:
Bicycle: I will be riding on my red Pinarello Dogma. I call her my “red rocket”.
Watch: Garmin 520
Head gear: Rudy Project helmet and glasses.


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