Rudy Project’s Helmet Crash Replacement Policy



At Rudy Project, our mission is to protect while elevating riders’ performance. Falls can prove costly,  and have permanent consequences. The starting point for the development of our helmets is superb quality materials that guarantee safety and reliability. Rudy Project undertakes to use only highly advanced materials that can absorb shock and dissipate mechanical energy so it is not transferred to the head and body. The structure of the helmets combines expanded polystyrene (EPS) – a material able to disperse the force caused by an impact through a plastic deformation – and a polycarbonate shell for  increased durability and protection.


In fact, we take safety so seriously, that we have crafted a crash replacement policy for each and every Rudy Project helmet bought. Should you fall, crash, or be involved in any cycling-related impact that affects your helmet, Rudy Project South Africa will offer you a replacement of your helmet for just 45% of the regular recommended retail price.


Our official Crash Replacement Policy is as follows:

Rudy Project offers a 2-year crash replacement on any model helmet from date of purchase. The crash replacement applies only to the original owner. Proof of purchase is required when submitting a crash replacement claim.
To find out if your helmet qualifies, please email us at with the below information:

· Picture(s) of the damaged Rudy Project helmet
· Helmet model and serial number
· Helmet size and colour
· Helmet proof of purchase
· Your full names
· Your contact details
· Your physical delivery address
In return, your helmet will be replaced at 45% of the regular recommended retail price.