Solargenome is a collection of bags and accessories equipped with solar panels.

Our collection has been developed by SCICON (, who has 35 years of experience in the design and development of sports and technical bags.

Our philosophy for the development of the Solargenome product line is simple but important:

Free energy and respect the environment.

Solargenome products have been designed to generate electricity from light. Each product is fitted with a solar panel that is used to charge a lithium battery that can in turn be used to recharge your portable electronics.  Our line is made from top quality materials, have been carefully designed and are guaranteed to last.

By using Solargenome products you will be contributing to reducing Co2 emissions.
Energy is essential for our future survival but so is the way in which we generate it too. With the Solargenome line of products our priority
is to offer our customers the maximum benefits but at the same time assist them in protecting the environment.



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