When the going gets tough… keep going!


It’s finally February, and that means a lot of us, despite the best intentions, may be getting a little lax with our New Year’s fitness resolutions. Work is picking up again, and life is back in its regular, busy rhythm. But don’t let your fitness fall on the backburner again, make this year, your year! We’ve got some tips to keep you going and motivate you to continue your journey to better health, fitness and taking a  podium spot at that event.




Making excuses to yourself is far easier and less embarrassing than having to admit to someone else that you’re not in the mood or you’re too lazy. So get someone to train with you. Training with a friend can be a lot more fun, and it’s much easier to hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals this way. You can even go as far as to share your goals and draw up a plan together – like doing the Tour of Good Hope, or becoming an Ironman.


When you’re part of a group there’s more incentive to show up for workouts, which helps you to maintain a regular schedule. Join a club or go out with a group of like-minded friends. You’re more likely to get out of bed if you’ve arranged a meeting time and point. Riding in a group with the inevitable banter and competitive edge will make the miles more enjoyable and the hours pass far quicker. If you’re cycling, another benefit is that you’ll always have someone with you should you run into trouble to give a helping hand with mechanical issues. Sprint up the hills and then regroup at the top. Joining a club is also a great way to learn from experienced cyclists. You will learn the etiquette and skills of group riding, and this could be useful at your next event.




Doing the same route or workout day in and day out may still help you achieve your fitness goals, but it does virtually nothing for your motivation. A stale or boring routine is only giving you a reason to give up. So make sure you keep it interesting. Try riding your usual routes the other way round to add a bit of variety, or use Strava to devise some small road circuits. Time yourself and try to beat it on the following lap. Commuting to work is a great way to use your travelling time and will get you in shape in no time.




One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to write them down. But the days of the old fashioned pen and paper are far gone, these days fitness apps are the way to go,  whether you’re aiming to eat better, run further, cycle faster or just be more active in general. Argus is a great app that allows you to track your workouts, count calories, measure your health with applications like Instant Heart Rate and connect to a global community of like-minded individuals. It also has a nifty function of gathering your data and displaying it neatly in a graph so that you can get an overview of and better understand your health and fitness habits and progress.

Peloton Cycle is another great fitness app geared towards cycling. It allows you to power up with some addictive cycling workouts through live streaming from their studios in NYC. There are over 10 daily live rides and  3,300+ on-demand rides. Nike+ Training Club is a great all-rounder, with over  100 workouts from Nike trainers and athletes.




There’s nothing quite as satisfying and motivating as a little retail therapy. And when you look good, you’ll want to show it off. Throw out those old, worn-out sunnies and trade them in for Rudy Project’s latest, cutting edge sports eyewear… the Tralyx. In fact, we’re so sure that the Tralyx is the BEST sports eyewear on the market, that we’ll give you R1500 off your purchase when you bring us your old sunglasses – no matter what brand they are!


Or if sunnies aren’t your thing, get yourself a pair of new cycling shoes. The Sidi SHOT is the latest innovation in the Italian company’s range – the one Tour de France winner Chris Froome and his team showcased and are currently sporting for the season. And if it’s good enough for Froome…


The Sidi SHOT.
The Sidi SHOT.