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With 130 years of experience, the Zéfal company, originally created under the Pourtait-Morin name, has followed a continuous path and commitment to its core values while continuing to innovate and develop its offerings.

Active in the cycling market since 1880, Zéfal is recognized as one of the industry’s most historic brands. Through the years, our staff have known how to apply the unique Zéfal experience and savoir-faire, making the Zéfal brand synonymous with cycling.

Ensonced on the banks of the Loire River, 30 kms from Orléans, France, we are conscious of our background (the Loire Valley was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000) and proud of the unique historical significance of Zéfal’s role in the cycling industry.

Strongly committed to the quality of our products since the very beginning, Zéfal has made that consideration a guiding principle. As such, we have always sought to develop items that combine quality and durability. With accessories that are both innovative in design and the production techniques used, we have succeeded in making items that respond to the needs and expectations of our clients. For more than 130 years Zéfal has created numerous innovative products that have impacted cycling’s history: the first pump without an attached base – the Solibloc — the first portable floor pump, and even the first frame pump capable of reaching high pressures – the HPX. We also count technical innovations belonging to the company such as the invention of the Presta valve, the locking valve lever, and the reversible valve head to name just a few. It’s clear that 130 years of experience provides a foundation for constant research and innovation in coming up with new products to please our customers.

Zéfal has chosen to maintain its business in France. The products are all developed, designed and tested in France, with the majority of our products even being produced here. For us, this is proof of our quality and our promise that we build everything here is in keeping with the needs of our passionate cycling clients.

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